Chateau Les Aublines

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Chateau Les Aublines


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This fabulous 2016 is presented in a beautiful wooden box of  6 bottles. Perfect choice for a special occasion.




Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux


Heavy Bordeaux Bottle


Natural Wood


275mm x 190mm x 335mm


480 btls

Quantity available

2 352

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Fruit Intensity

Oak Intensity




75% M, 25% CS


Tasting temperature 16 / 18 C

1 hour before serving


The Estate

The Raynaud family has cared for their 18 hectares of land for the past 50 years. producing only the Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux in red. The estate manages to produce 13 000 bottles a year at a rate of 55 hectolitres per hectares. Situated in Sainte Luce Town, Chantal Raynaud owns the chateau with her brother,and they pride themselves on their traditional techniques. The grapes are harvest mechanically using selective sorting before the traditional process of vinification. The grapes are stored in individually temperature controlled concrete vats for 3 weeks, during which time the selection process takes place. Each vat is tested and identified before blending in order to achieve the best levels of fruitiness and delicacy. After 12 Months of ageing in oak barrels the wine is transferred into bottles for the final aging process.

Tasting Note

This Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux is strong and very fruity with a reasonably high tannin level. The aging process imbues the wine with a beautiful finesse that opens with a subtle bouquet of leather. Growing the grapes on stony subsoil results in a noticeable minerality that cuts through the earthier notes.

Perfect with a goose or roasted lamb.